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CBD Dosage for Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding the right CBD dosage for dogs is key for pet owners wanting to help their furry friends. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is used in various pet CBD products to support health and well-being. But how much should you give? The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all. It depends on the dog’s size, the condition being treated, and.. [Read More]

6 Common Mistakes with Training Dogs and How to Avoid Them

Dog Training

Dogs are amazing creatures; unlike cats, they want to please and be a part of your family. They truly are loving animals, so many think of them as furry children, almost! This can make it heartbreaking when you think your dog isn’t responding to training as it should. While dogs can have different personalities, as.. [Read More]

9 Best Family-Friendly Pets

We keep pets for many reasons. Some people keep pets for protection, some because they are beautiful to look at, and others because they love how a pet purrs or cuddles up next to them. If you ask anthrozoologist John Bradshaw, he’ll tell you it’s because pet-keeping is an innate part of human nature rooted.. [Read More]

How Should You Care for a Borzoi Breed Dog?

How Should You Care for a Borzoi Breed Dog?

Borzoi dogs are distinguished by their tall, lean bodies, long, narrow heads, and silky coats that symbolize the breed’s elegance. Borzois carry themselves with dignity, and one can easily imagine them snoozing in the palaces of Russian tsars or chasing down wolves in the countryside. Borzois aren’t high maintenance, but they indeed require your attention… [Read More]

Dog Box – The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers!

If you love dogs and want to share your passion with the world, this is the perfect postcard collection for you.

Dog lovers, we’ve got something for you! If you love dogs and want to share your passion with the world, Dog Box is the perfect postcard collection for you. It features 100 different breeds of dogs from all over the world in a variety of styles. You’ll be able to show off your favorite breed.. [Read More]

5 Best Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Dog’s Teeth Cleaning Keeping a pet isn’t just a fondness; rather, it’s a full-time responsibility. You have to take care of the food and hygiene on a daily basis, along with spending some quality playing time with it. Dogs make great companions and pets, but they are susceptible to falling ill easily. For example, oral.. [Read More]

Why You Should Customize Your Dog’s Kennel

Do you have a rambunctious pup that tends to tear apart furniture, stain the carpet, chew on your shoes, or rummage through the garbage while you’re away from home? Pet owners lean towards keeping dogs in crates to prevent damage to their homes and belongings. If you’re going to keep your dog in a crate.. [Read More]

ALLYGOODS Dog Plunger – Clean Paws!

Allygoods Dog Plunger - Clean Paws!

There are many types of dirt and grime that can affect your dirty dog’s paws. This might include mud from the street, fallen leaves, and much more. The reason these types of materials can end up on your beloved pet’s paws is that they are so dirty. They are constantly exposed to the elements, and.. [Read More]

How You Can Find The Best Dog Breeder Around

If you’re going to be adopting a new dog, and you plan on getting your animal from a breeder, you’ll want to look for the best dog breeder around. What sort of qualities should your breeder have? These are some things you should do when searching for a breeder. Figure Out What Type Of Dog.. [Read More]

Facts About Importing Dogs to the United States

A number of special documents from multiple organizations may be necessary when importing dogs to the U.S. The exact documents depend on several factors that include the method of travel, origin, destination, and the dog’s breed. Working together with these agencies when planning to move dogs into the U.S. from other countries can help make.. [Read More]