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Facts About Importing Dogs to the United States

A number of special documents from multiple organizations may be necessary when importing dogs to the U.S. The exact documents depend on several factors that include the method of travel, origin, destination, and the dog’s breed. Working together with these agencies when planning to move dogs into the U.S. from other countries can help make.. [Read More]

Restless Puppy? Three Ways to Calm Them Down!

Puppies are so perfect. Well, when they’re not having accidents everywhere, or chewing up your favorite pair of shoes, or begging to play in the middle of the night. Let’s rephrase that: puppies are pretty much perfect. The puppy blues don’t just apply to your four-legged friends — they can apply to you too! Sometimes your precious.. [Read More]

Energetic Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Fitness Enthusiasts

There truly are no two dogs that are exactly alike, but dog breeding is definitely a major factor when determining activity level. For instance, many herding and working dog breeds tend to be quite active, and thus, these high-energy dogs need both mental and physical exercise to thrive. Not everyone can handle this level of.. [Read More]

Most Common Health Benefits Of Hemp Oil for Pets

Oh, cannabis, sweet cannabis… Am I right? But, hold your horses; I am not here to talk about pot, or its legalization and lack of legalization in certain states. That’s a topic for another discussion – this is not the time, nor the place. I am here to talk about something much, much better. Sure,.. [Read More]

Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

No one wants their precious pet to suffer. However, prescription drugs come with their own side effects. Luckily, you can choose to take a natural approach to pain relief for dogs. With that being said, before giving your dog any type of herb, be sure to get approval and specific instructions from your holistic veterinarian.. [Read More]

Tips For When You Bring A Dog With You To Use Kayaks

A dog truly is your best friend, and it’s becoming more acceptable for pets to accompany us in virtually any situation. More restaurants have pet-friendly tables for dining, parks are allowing areas for dog runs, and kayaks construction is such to accommodate our pups trips out on the water. More people enjoy the opportunity to.. [Read More]

CBD Dogs – Are These Product Safe for Your Pup?

Medicine is progressing day by day. The scientists recently discovered cures for many diseases. Also, they came up with many incredible discoveries, such as the use of medical marijuana. The benefits of cannabidiol have been known for several years. After numerous studies, medical experts marked this element with a fairly good safety profile, since the.. [Read More]

10 Tips for Camping with Your Dog

The holiday is coming and you are crazy to get the tent and go to the bush to camp !? But then you realize that there is someone who doesn’t want to be alone at home while you have fun … And you don’t know what to do with him: your dog! Why don’t you.. [Read More]

Learn About CBD for Dogs and Lymphoma

Source: Hinterland co. It is a well-known fact that illegal drugs are not very good for your body. They are known as illegal for so many reasons. Some of them inhibit a person’s sense of judgment or even reasoning with others. Others can knock you out like a hockey player launching you to the boards… [Read More]