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Baseus WM01 Wireless Earbuds

Baseus WM01 Wireless Earbuds

Are you tired of using wired earbuds?  Or do you have an iPhone and never have the headphone adapter with you?  Then these Baseus WM01 Wireless Earbuds are the perfect solution to meet your needs. These earbuds have a very comfortable ergonomic in-ear design with three different sized ear tips.  They will surely fit anyone.. [Read More]

JLab Headphones: #1 True Wireless Headphones under $100 @BestBuy @jlabaudio #findyourgo

This post is sponsored by Best Buy.  All opinions are my own. Music has always been a passion of our family.  While I was a teenager and my parents were getting a divorce – I always turned to music. Then I met my soon to be husband who was just as passionate about music (and.. [Read More]

Loving My Amazon Music Unlimited With IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Earphones

Like most people nowadays everyone in our family seems to have a cell phone at all times.  The kids use wired earbuds because they seriously go through a pair every couple days.  Drives me nuts.  But for the adults in the house – we prefer a more mature and sophisticated option for listening. I recently.. [Read More]

WIEZ Bluetooth Headphones for Perfect Mobility

There was a time when I really still preferred wired headphones.  Why?  Mostly because we have so many devices to charge already, who will remember to charge headphones.  In the last couple years though technology has brought us power strips for these types of devices and everyone in the family just adds their device to.. [Read More]

Plugfones Guardian Plus – The Best For Peace and Quiet

Okay so do you have kids?  I do – I love them dearly but sometimes I just want to tune them out.  The constant demand for mom’s attention can get a little overwhelming at times.  We have kids from 12 to 30 years old so I have been hearing “mom” for a very long time! .. [Read More]