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Handheld Game System for Kids!

Every child wants to play video games.  The world is a very different place – when I was younger we all wanted to play sports, dance, cheerleading etc… Now, there is an intense desire for video games.  I come from a time when Pong was revolutionary and we would sit there for hours and play.. [Read More]

Special Needs and Hyperacusis – HearMuffs To The Rescue

Do you have children with special needs?  Autism perhaps?  Or other special needs that include hyperacusis?  Hyperacusis is an extreme sensitivity to certain sounds based on frequency and volume.  This particular affliction has played a huge role in our lives. Our son is autistic and is now 17 years old.  But in his younger years,.. [Read More]

Everything Audio With Best Buy’s AudioFest

This post was sponsored by Best Buy for Magnolia AudioFest and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. We have five children – that may seem like alot but they are so evenly spaced out that we really never had more than three at home at any point in time.  Even as they.. [Read More]