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The Legalities You Should Know Before You Start Employing Anybody In Your Business

The Legalities You Should Know Before You Start Employing Anybody In Your Business

When your business is ready to begin employing people, you are going to feel that all too familiar mixture of excitement and nervousness. This might be with good reason because even if your business is ready to begin employing workers, you might not be, as you still might need to brief yourself on the legalities.. [Read More]

Factors To Consider When You Are Preparing A Paystub

 A pay stub is a section of a paycheck that lists an employee’s payment details and wages, which also includes Earned Wage Access.  Understanding the paystub is essential for every employer because it identifies payroll errors and resolves inconsistencies. For example, it explains the payment period from the start of a fiscal year to the.. [Read More]

Great Ways To Improve Employee Productivity

Employees are one of the most important pillars of any business. They ensure that customers are happy and products come out the way you intended. However, this only happens if your employees are productive. So you need to make sure you have ways to improve employee productivity. But how exactly can you improve employee productivity?.. [Read More]

Understanding Employee Culture and Satisfaction

Although I am a blogger, I also have a full-time career as a business administrator.  In that role, I am responsible for operations of an urban public school district – anything from financials to human resources.  In 22 years my responsibilities have changed significantly.  The title is still the same but my day-to-day responsibilities are.. [Read More]

5 Cool Holiday Gift Ideas To Boost Employee Morale At Work

Buying gifts for employees is, for lack of a better phrase, really really hard. There’s that work/life balance that makes you start to question whether or not a gift is inappropriate. Before you know it, your head is filled with questions or what’s appropriate and what’s not. Do you know too much about an employee?.. [Read More]