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Pure Essential Oils – Perfect For Your Aromatherapy Needs #pureparker #purebyrachelleparker #rachelleparker #pureparkeressentialoils #essentialoils101

This is an amazing variety pack with some scents that are not found in every other variety pack on the market.  This is an amazing set and includes:  Eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, ylang ylang, patchouli, clary sage, pine, bergamat, cedarwood, camphor & frankincense Essential Oils! I have so much experience with aromatherapy through.. [Read More]

Evening Primrose Oil – Prime Natural

This Evening Primrose Oil is a natural moisturizer that leaves my skin soft with anti-aging qualities.  It is composed of nutrients that enhance elasticity, rejuvenates healthy skin and assists with wrinkles, redness and dryness. Acne, psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks and itchy skin can all be helped due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. As an.. [Read More]

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil – Nature’s Moisturizer

It is that time of year again where my skin suffers.  Even my kids’ skin suffers because we are outside all the time between camping and caring for our horses.  All year long we are outside with the horses – 365 days a year.  But when it warms up we add in pools, ocean, salt,.. [Read More]

Tamanu Oil – Prime Natural

Have you ever heard of Tamanu Oil?  I hadn’t until now and what a game changer. I don’t know if some of my skin issues are related to age or genetics.  I suspect genetics since my brother has always had them and much worse than I.  We have spent a long time trying to find.. [Read More]

Fall Asleep Effortlessly With This Sleep and Relaxation Essential Oil Blend

Do you struggle to fall asleep?  When you lay down does your mind go into hyperdrive worrying about all the things on your agenda for tomorrow? The solution is just a few drops away! An essential oil supplier can guide you through the most appropriate essential oil for your needs. There are so many options.. [Read More]

Essential Oils for Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac and Hay Rash

This post contains affiliate links   As a person who spends a great deal of time on the farm – I really needed to come up with a solution for all those “poisons” as well as hay rash.  The warmer weather is coming and that means shorts and short sleeve shirts – which allow us.. [Read More]

Top 10 Natural Remedies Everyone Should Have At Home

I have worked so hard over the years to make sure I can meet my family’s health needs as much as possible without running to the doctor. This is for a whole host of reasons such as: Sick people are at the doctors.  If I can stay away we can all be more healthy and.. [Read More]

Your DIY Guide to Making Perfume Out of Essential Oils

This post may include sponsored link(s) Essential oils have been at the forefront of aromatherapy for decades—the physical and mental benefits have been the focus of many a study over the years. So the fact that these oils are as good to your nose as they are to your holistic wellness is nothing short of.. [Read More]

Sleepy But Can’t Sleep?

We’ve all been there.  You work all day, your mind is going in so many different directions…  Dinner comes and you can barely keep your eyes open but you have so much more to do, or the kids aren’t in bed yet.  You are exhausted and sleep deprived. But then it is finally time when.. [Read More]