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Kayleigh May’s Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

Kayleigh May’s mulberry silk scrunchies are a modern take on a classic accessory. Not only are they beautiful and fashionable, but they are also convenient. These scrunchies are made from the highest quality mulberry silk and are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and comfortable. The unique material is soft and gentle on the hair, preventing.. [Read More]

3 Key Tips When Choosing a New Look for Yourself

Many people find themselves stuck in a style rut, especially as they get older. Perhaps you stick to the same few outfits whenever you go out or tried-and-trusted hairstyles that you’ve been wearing for years. The good news is that it’s never too late to mix up your style and try out a new look.. [Read More]

Women’s Quarter Slip On Mesh Shoes From Emeril Lagasse

When working in the food industry, you must have non-slip shoes. Wet floors and tight quarters can result in hazards without proper footwear. To support employees in hospitality who spend long hours on their feet, the Emeril footwear range of slip-resistant work shoes was created. These shoes are made for restaurant and food service workers. They.. [Read More]

The Lugz Drifter LX Chukka Boot To Round Out A Perfect Outfit

A chukka is also known as a desert boot, but that’s a subset of chukkas. It’s a casual ankle boot that perfectly balances comfort and masculinity. They got their names because they were popular among polo players. A “chukka” in polo is kind of an inning in baseball. They were worn first by British soldiers who.. [Read More]