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Guitar String Differences (Every Detail You Need To Know)

Guitar Strings

Let’s face it!   Guitar strings are not as simple components as it seems.    Looking for the right guitar strings can be challenging if you have just started as a musician. Your guitar strings genuinely create the sound you want. Yeah, they change the actual tone!    For example, light strings are best if.. [Read More]

Guitar for Beginners: Choosing Your First Acoustic Guitar

Choosing an acoustic guitar for you is an exciting time with all the sizes and shapes available. Many players consider acoustics as their first instrument on their music journey. They are versatile and great for both beginners and seasoned guitarists. But when you start, you want to choose a guitar for beginners that can help.. [Read More]

What Should a Beginner Guitarist Practice?

Most people who are new to the idea of playing guitar and are interested in learning are likely to wonder what they’ll need to know in order to start making their own music. While there can be a variety of elements that go into learning an instrument, there are certainly a few things that can.. [Read More]