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Kayleigh May’s Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

Kayleigh May’s mulberry silk scrunchies are a modern take on a classic accessory. Not only are they beautiful and fashionable, but they are also convenient. These scrunchies are made from the highest quality mulberry silk and are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and comfortable. The unique material is soft and gentle on the hair, preventing.. [Read More]

Tips To Buy Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Tips To Buy Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. You can ask any hairstylist in the world, and they will tell you about innumerable mistakes they have made. Sometimes they make mistakes while coloring customers’ hair, encounter issues while cutting the hair, and many more. But the hair of the clients grows back. Isn’t it? The.. [Read More]

The Best Beard Growth Oil

beard growth oil

Beard oil is well-known for its role in grooming and preserving the style and health of your beard. Using the right product works wonders for your facial hair, and it gives you that masculine confidence. There are many reasons you should use beard oil. Its effects go beyond its conditioning effect. One of its many.. [Read More]

Why Your Hair Needs Oil

You’ve probably heard it from your hairdresser or your family, but did you know that oils are good for your hair? While you may argue that our scalp naturally produces sebum to keep our hair moisturized and shiny, this process sometimes isn’t enough for your hair. This is especially if your hair has been treated.. [Read More]