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3 Benefits of Indica Tinctures for Stress Relief

What does stress do to your body? When you’re constantly under stress, you run the risk of worsening existing conditions in your body. Illnesses and diseases like anxiety disorders can worsen with more stress and lower lifestyle choices. What if there was an all-natural and fun way to manage that stress? Tinctures are all the.. [Read More]

The Science Behind Balloon Septoplasty: How It Corrects Deviated Septums

If you have a deviated septum, it can make it difficult to breathe through your nose. It can also prevent proper sinus drainage and lead to chronic sinus infections. The nasal septum, a slender bone and cartilage wall that divides your nostrils, can be straightened surgically through septoplasty. The procedure straightens the septum by trimming,.. [Read More]

Headaches and How To Help Yourself

Oh the terrible headaches.  No one has time for them and they can range from mild and annoying to completely debilitating.  I do get headaches but in my case they are usually due to allergies or stress – the dreaded stress.   I know how to manage them with the help of Sioux Falls Chiropractic Care.. [Read More]