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Five Tips That Make Dealing With Hearing Loss a Little Easier

  If you are living with hearing loss, you aren’t alone. It’s a common problem among older adults with more people suffering from hearing loss than diabetes or vision trouble. It can have a profound effect on your life, and the longer you experience hearing loss, the greater the impact will be. Social activities become.. [Read More]

4 Facts About Meningitis: Can It Lead to Hearing Loss?

You probably don’t need to be told how dangerous meningitis can be and there is even the potential risk of permanent hearing loss or, ultimately, a risk to life, if the disease is not assessed and treated promptly. If you suffer some of the symptoms of meningitis, including the risk of hearing loss or problems.. [Read More]

Hearing Aids You Can Afford – Nano Hearing Aids

Did you happen to notice how expensive healthcare is getting?  I am sure you have – unless for some reason you don’t find yourself in a position where you need to pay for it.  Even with health insurance there is so much that isn’t covered and unless you can afford it out of pocket –.. [Read More]

Baby Goodies Blue Ear Protection

We now have our grandchildren living with us.  That means everything needs to be childproofed.  But that doesn’t always mean just the house.  We have to childproof the car, our yard and even our experiences. As a family we go to concerts, auto races, motorcycle events and more – all of those things are very.. [Read More]

Top Features To Look For In A Hearing Aid

If you are planning to buy a new hearing device it is always best to begin your search with the assistance of an audiologist.  You have to ensure that the model you select offers the best compensation for your hearing loss. Additionally, the device must be comfortable for use and provide a great listening experience… [Read More]