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How Certified HR Professionals Can Become an Integral Part of a Business

Contents Introduction. 1 Why HR is Important for a Business. 2 Helps workers adjust to the new world of work. 2 Provides meaningful connections and engagement 2 Ensures better hires. 2 Reduces turnover. 3 Improves performance. 3 Conclusion. 3 Introduction Human Resources is no longer just about managing or handling employees, it is one of.. [Read More]

A Guide to Detecting Drug Use Among Employees: Red Flags and Warning Signs

drug use in employees

Creating a safe work environment is a top priority for any employer. One of the challenges that organizations may face is identifying and addressing drug use among employees. Substance abuse not only impacts an individual’s health but can also negatively affect job performance, safety, and overall morale in the workplace. In this guide, we explore.. [Read More]

The Areas Of Employment Law HR Professionals Need To Know & Understand

As a business owner running a company and trying to succeed, many things can make it complicated. Employment law is one area that your company cannot afford to lack knowledge about, as it can have dire consequences for your business. For this reason, companies hire qualified HR professionals to take care of these things for.. [Read More]