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What is Keto friendly biltong?

The ketogenic diet is currently one of the most popular weight-loss diets in the world. There are many variations to the diet, but the central concept is the same. You’re supposed to eat foods with a low level of carbohydrates and high fat and protein levels. That might seem like a strange thing to do.. [Read More]

The Pizza Chaffle – Low Carb and Keto Friendly

This is the first time doing “keto” where most of my family has a desire to join in.  Now I am on a neverending quest to find and create foods that will keep them happy and interested in this way of life.  It is pretty easy to please me – alot less easy to please.. [Read More]

Keto Diet Basics: How to Get Started

Ever heard of the ketogenic (keto for short) diet? Keto diets are increasingly popular but do you ever wonder what exactly keto is? Wondering why everyone is suddenly in this diet and thinking if this is merely a fad or something? If you are interested to find out what keto diet is, what it can.. [Read More]

Sugar Free, Keto Friendly, Gluten Free Cannoli Pie

A while back I made a Cannoli Tart for the family.  However, that was a full sugar version and we do try to switch to sugar free as much as possible so I soon after set out on a mission to come up with a sugar free version.  I consider this version a huge success.. [Read More]

DIY Ice Cream With The MCHATTE Portable Blender

Summer is here and we all love to indulge in ice cream especially on those hot summer evenings.  But we all know how fattening and carb filled ice cream can be so we can’t really satisfy that craving on a regular basis – or can we? If you are following a low carb, low sugar.. [Read More]

Guy Gone Keto – Ketogenic Condiments

My husband and I have recently switched (mostly) to a keto diet.  Now if you know the keto diet, you really can’t switch “mostly”.  It is kind of an all or nothing kind of program.  The results are spectacular and I have seen it first hand but it relies on being in ketosis and without.. [Read More]