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Peeking into the Dino Life

Dinosaurs, despite being extinct billions of years ago, are one of the most famous species in the world. The dinosaur fame started with the discovery of dinosaur fossils in the last century. The discovered fossils were very much different from the life forms that exist in contemporary times. Their size was exceptionally large and their.. [Read More]

The impact of divorce on your kids

When a couple divorces, any children from the union generally are the ones worst affected by the termination of the marriage. The anxiety and distress felt by these kids is exacerbated when they feel like the rope in a tug-of-war match between their parents. Since divorce has become so common in our society, with almost.. [Read More]

4 Questions To Ask Before Tying the Knot

Marrying your significant other is an important life milestone, and one that can be both exciting and anxiety-producing. Over the rest of your lifetime, you will make many decisions with this person, some small and insignificant, some large and life-altering. Before you take the leap, there are some important questions to ask your partner that.. [Read More]

These 6 Tips Are The Key To Having A Happy And Lasting Romantic Relationship

The perfect relationship is a myth. Couples fight irrespective of how long they’ve been with each other. Even if you find your perfect soulmate and fall head over heels in love with them, your relationship will go through constant ups and downs. So, it is even worth trying to build a happy relationship and make.. [Read More]

10 Hot Surfing Waves In California

Surfing is defined as an outward water recreation whereby the wave rider, known as the surfer, rides on the forward part, or face, of a kinetic tide that normally conveys the surfer in the direction of the shore. Still, surfers don’t care about such a detailed definition. Surfing in California Surfing is significant in California.. [Read More]

How to Provide Support To A Friend Who Is Unwell

There will be times when a person falls sick and as a result become physically weak and not in health state to perform his regular tasks.  In mild cases, the person is just unwell for a day or two and will bounce back to his original health.  In severe cases, the person may need to.. [Read More]