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A Guide to Detecting Drug Use Among Employees: Red Flags and Warning Signs

drug use in employees

Creating a safe work environment is a top priority for any employer. One of the challenges that organizations may face is identifying and addressing drug use among employees. Substance abuse not only impacts an individual’s health but can also negatively affect job performance, safety, and overall morale in the workplace. In this guide, we explore.. [Read More]

Ensuring a Safe Workplace with 10-Panel Drug Testing in Chicago

ten panel testing

Workplace substance abuse is one of the biggest concerns for American employers. According to recent surveys, 22.5% of employees admit to using alcohol and drugs during work hours. Crunching the numbers further, 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women accept that they have indulged in drugs in a professional setting. These numbers are.. [Read More]

Things to Consider in Choosing a Marijuana Concentrate Packaging

Things to Consider in Choosing a Marijuana Concentrate Packaging

Choosing the suitable packaging for your marijuana concentrates can be essential to keeping your products safe and quality. It also reflects your company’s brand and marketing goals. Regulatory and safety guidelines can change quickly, so it’s crucial to choose flexible packaging to adapt to evolving regulations. Glass Jars When choosing a marijuana concentrate packaging, it’s essential.. [Read More]