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Saving Money in 2023 PLUS Free Printable Savings Planner

Saving Money

Savings are essential to a successful financial life. It is important to save money, even if it’s not easy. This will help you in unexpected situations and emergencies. Savings are necessary in many situations, including emergency pensions, unemployment, and the death of family members. Savings are not just for bad situations. You can use the money you save to.. [Read More]

Young Professionals: How To Manage Your Money

Whatever your chosen career path, you should manage your money responsibly, and the sooner you start planning for your retirement, the better. You might be in your mid-twenties and thinking you have 20 years before you need to make plans for your retirement years, yet setting financial goals early in your career gives you some.. [Read More]

How To Save Money

How To Save Money

Saving money is fundamental to building a healthy financial life. Even though the process is not always easy, it helps anyone in emergencies and unforeseen situations. Emergency pensions, unemployment, and family deaths are some of the most common situations that demand a saving, and, even if you don’t like to think about it, you should.. [Read More]

3 Things About Money the Public Education System Doesn’t Teach

Financial education is an important part of life. It starts your journeytobillions and allows you to create a stronger future. With a focus on building money, you’re less likely to deal with crushing debt. But there are some things the public education system misses when it comes to money. With an eye on consistency, these.. [Read More]

Teaching Teens About Finance – Made Simple With Golden State Partners

As a mom of five children from 14 – 32, I have had to teach about finance several times.  Each time is a bit different – as times change, so does financial lessons.  Years ago lessons were heavily focused on checkbooks and balancing them.  Nowadays there really is almost never a need to write a.. [Read More]