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Writer’s Strike Finally Reaches an End

On May 2nd, the Writers Guild of America called on their 11,500 members to strike in order to pressure studios like Disney and Netflix to better protect their members from decreased residuals from streaming services and the encroaching threat of artificial intelligence (A.I.) replacing their skills. Two months later, on July 15th, the WGA’s cause.. [Read More]

5 Essential Health Benefits of Lactium During a Pandemic

The global pandemic has only made matters worse. Travel is dangerous, fun activities are delayed, and social lives remain limited. It’s easy to get down when it feels like there’s not much to look forward to these days. Thankfully, there is a healthy and natural way to deal with the new stressors in your life. Lactium.. [Read More]

How To Move Your Business Online During The Global Pandemic

  There are several comprehensive steps to move your business online during the global pandemic. With more consumers staying home during these times, online businesses have witnessed an extreme surge in popularity. If you can afford to move your business online quickly, you can likely get your operations back on track. Of course, there are.. [Read More]