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Phone Anxiety No More – Tips and Tricks to Conquer Your Fear

Phone anxiety

Phone anxiety is a fear that can prevent people from getting the job of their dreams or even meeting their life partner or friend. There are many reasons and past experiences that cause this type of anxiety. However, some techniques can help you overcome it. These include deep breathing exercises, eliminating distractions, and seeking professional.. [Read More]

5 Vital Elements of Automated Company Phone Greetings

Every company aspires to offer top-notch customer service. But they often fail to realize that they need to maintain open, friendly, and supportive communication with their customers. Voice over recording can help companies automate and mainstream their communications through interactive voice response IVR. Thanks to technological advancement, companies can automate their customer service by setting.. [Read More]

How Do You Unlock a Phone?

How Do You Unlock a Phone?

A locked phone means it only works with the provider who sold the phone to you. While many people think that the phone is unlocked automatically once their contract with the provider expires, it is not true. Despite the contract expiring, you will have to approach the provider and get them to unlock your phone… [Read More]