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6 Health Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Powder

6 Health Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Powder

Protein is crucial for growth and development, repairing cells, and making new ones. Common protein sources include plant-based products such as legumes, nuts, and soy, and animal-based sources like egg, milk, and meat. Protein powders are also a useful source of proteins for individuals not getting enough proteins from their diet. While you can derive.. [Read More]

Veestro – Healthy, Delicious, Plant-Based, Gourmet Meals To Your Door

Often I hear people complaining about eating healthy foods.  They consider them boring and unimaginative.  I am here to tell you this is far from true.  When I switched to eating plant-based my meals became so much more exciting and full of color. Every single meal makes me very happy and as an added bonus.. [Read More]

My Journey To Being Vegan

I have not always been vegan – though I would never have considered myself a carnivore.  I ate meat if I had to – it was never my first choice.  Seafood was never top on my list either because I am allergic to shellfish and seriously how much canned tuna can a person eat? While.. [Read More]