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Six Immediate Print Products That Can Assist The Fight Against Coronavirus

It is quite natural to wonder what’s the link between printing industry and coronavirus. Like all other industries, it too experienced the wrath of COVID-19 but, it also is making some amazing contributions that are true of great help in fighting coronavirus. Let’s see how? The COVID-19 effect on the printing industry None of us.. [Read More]

Why are eBooks better than Print!

Source Due to advancement in technology, everything around us is digital. This has created a debate about the effectiveness of printed books as many people have switched to eBooks — they pose many advantages that printed books do not offer. You can easily purchase them online. According to a survey, 20% of book readers read.. [Read More]

Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Canvas Champ – Great Gift for the Holidays!

Canvas Champ is a company that can create canvas prints, peel and stick products, photo boards, metal prints, acrylic prints and canvas banners. There are all kinds of products within each group, but they are too many to name. It would take at least an hour to get through them all. I can just say.. [Read More]