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What You Need to Know When Choosing A Dog Trainer for Your Puppy

What You Need to Know When Choosing A Dog Trainer for Your Puppy

Training your dog is an effective way to ensure that it gets along with other people or animals that it might encounter. It can also be an effective way to ensure that the animal is able to cope when you are away at work, school, or on vacation. Let’s take a look at what you.. [Read More]

My First Childrens’ Book! Toni’s Day At The Farm!

Tonis Day At The Farm

I have wanted to write books, particularly children’s books for some time.  A while back I did publish three other books but time has made those books obsolete.  But childrens’ books stand the test of time. I present to you – Toni!  A fun-loving tiny tan puppy who cherishes every day.  After all – who.. [Read More]

Restless Puppy? Three Ways to Calm Them Down!

Puppies are so perfect. Well, when they’re not having accidents everywhere, or chewing up your favorite pair of shoes, or begging to play in the middle of the night. Let’s rephrase that: puppies are pretty much perfect. The puppy blues don’t just apply to your four-legged friends — they can apply to you too! Sometimes your precious.. [Read More]

Potty Training a Puppy – The Basics

  Potty training a puppy can be quite challenging. The need for consistency is primary followed closely by patience, commitment and vigilance. It can be a tedious task, but sticking to the following steps could make your job a lot easier. Your puppy will learn a lot faster with a consistent schedule of basic procedures… [Read More]

Awesome Tips That Will Help You Do Puppy Potty Training

  Puppy potty training is something you should take seriously. Naturally, besides the very fact that you wouldn’t like to have a puppy pooping all over the place, it is also a process that builds up your relationship. It sets up ground rules and will affect your dog’s psyche for years to come. Given that.. [Read More]