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Electronic Cigarettes – Innovative Device for Quitting Smokes

It is not an easy task to kick the immensely harmful and difficult act of smoking. Although not an impossible process, regular smokers find it tough to not reach out for their lighters or matchboxes when the urge to smoke hits them again. The effects of regular smoking have been discussed time and again. Yet,.. [Read More]

How You Can Quit Smoking in Few Short Weeks

  There are so many issues with smoking and even more with quitting it. This nasty habit doesn’t only affect you mentally; it also has a profound impact on your motoric functions. Person who has been smoking for a while is used to having something in his hands. It becomes almost a daily necessity. Due.. [Read More]

4 Epic Ways to Quit Smoking: Throw Your Cigarettes Down The Hood

  While you’re smoking your way towards asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases or perhaps, lung cancer, you might want to reconsider your habit and try to curb it indefinitely for the better. The commercials you see about your favorite cigarette brands falsely exhibit the glory of smoking, since there is no charm in coughing up.. [Read More]