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LPN Program Requirements and Prerequisites

nurse education

Becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) is an exciting career path for healthcare professionals. LPNs are responsible for providing basic medical care to patients under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or physician.  If you are considering a career as an LPN, it is important to understand the education requirements and prerequisites for entry.. [Read More]

The Sweet Reads Box Celebrates Reading And Fun

Reading is one of the best hobbies because it does much for you. Anyone can pick up a book for pleasure, but what about the practical benefits of reading? Reading is sometimes overlooked as a hobby, but it has some great perks. Research has proven that reading for at least 15 minutes daily can help.. [Read More]

Speed Reading Techniques: How to Read and Memorize More

People learn how to read in early childhood when they don’t even know the meaning of most words. Reading is considered one of the basic skills everyone should be good at. Indeed, one way or another, we read something daily, whether it is about news feed, assignments, writing services reviews, or a fascinating detective story… [Read More]

Hit Or Miss by Jeff Markowitz

Hit Or Miss by Jeff Markowitz April 1-30, 2021 Tour Synopsis: When you’re twenty-one years old, it can be hard, under the best of circumstances, to balance the expectations of your father and the desires of your girlfriend. For Ben Miller and his girlfriend Emily Bayard, circumstances are far from perfect. Emily’s mother has been.. [Read More]

What is All You Can Books?

People love to learn so that they can get better at the things that they are interested in. They also enjoy reading about fascinating issues. Some people like to listen to gather the information that they need. With All You Can Books, people will find that they can do both when they want to. About.. [Read More]