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KidiRace – Remote Control School Bus

KidiRace has some of the best remote control vehicles available for kids and teens.  Today I bring you another great RC vehicle – a remote control school bus!  Both my husband and I actually work in education as administrators and I actually happen to be in charge of transportation for our district.  I highly doubt.. [Read More]

New Car Happiness With The KidiRace RC Police Car

My husband and I have five kids – the oldest three are now grown.  But through the childhood of these five, every one of them has always loved remote control cars.  Now we even have grandchildren who have that same love.  In particular our autistic 18 year old son can be kept busy with a.. [Read More]

MaxFlex 300 RC Combo Edition – Extreme Fun!

My son and grandson love racetracks – what child doesn’t.  I even love the fun of a racetrack and it is definitely a timeless passion.  I remember hanging out playing in the streets when I was a kid (yes we did that back then) with our STP racecars, racing them down the street.  Nothing really.. [Read More]

Every Child Needs a Max Traxxx Tracer Racers Remote Control Infinity Loop Set

When I was younger – much younger, my parents bought my brothers and I a gift that I will always remember.  We had great memories with this gift.  It was set up in the basement and it was a race track with remote control cars and we could race side by side.  I don’t think.. [Read More]