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Do Infrared Saunas Help With Weight Loss? Medical Saunas Review & Research

Losing the extra pounds was something I’ve always had personal battles with for years. I’ve literally tried everything and kept regaining the weight like a yo yo. As a retired real estate agent and now grandmother of six children, I needed a home workout or at home solution. My feet have taken a beating over.. [Read More]

Sauna Shorts – Revolutionary Weight Loss Shapewear

This post is sponsored by Verseo Sauna Sweat Pants   With the summer sun coming in full swing and our summer trip lists getting longer, it is time to don that swimsuit again. Now if you are anything like me, the winter has a habit of turning down the workout vibes and turning up the.. [Read More]

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Sauna Experience

Saunas have become a popular relaxation technique for many. Because of our hectic and very demanding lifestyles, saunas are becoming a welcome relief from all the stresses of everyday life. For many, just a few minutes of sauna is enough to make us feel better and invigorated. Source: Pixabay.com What are some health benefits of.. [Read More]