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What Are the Best Selling Promotional Items for a Fundraiser?

A robust fundraising strategy is essential for the success of any non-profit organization. Churches, charitable institutions, and other religious organizations depend primarily on contributions from members for finance. According to stats, the monthly living costs in Christchurch, NZ, are around NZ$ 4000. Fundraisers are usually organized to collect funds to finance a specific cause or.. [Read More]

Improve Your Home Exterior Prior To Listing For Sale

Are you ready to put your home up for sale?  After all, 2021 so far is quite the seller’s market.  Frequently bidding wars are taking place, raising the list price of the home!  Usually, it is the other way around, negotiating price reductions. How can you list your homes for sale and have prospective buyers.. [Read More]

6 Mistakes to avoid when selling a property

Selling your property, especially homes can be surprisingly time-consuming and emotionally challenging. At times, it may feel like someone is invading your privacy because the potential buyers will come into your property and the poke around your cabinet and the closest. This can criticize the place that is probably become more than just four walls.. [Read More]