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What Are The Easiest Sewing Patterns For Beginners?

What Are The Easiest Sewing Patterns For Beginners

If you are a beginner or have not perfected your sewing skills, it’s advisable to choose a pattern that’s not hard to follow. These simple patterns are also known as beginner sewing patterns and can help you develop your sewing skills and confidence. This is the confidence you will need in your future sewing projects—especially.. [Read More]

What are ball tip scissors, and what makes them different?

What are ball tip scissors? This question has been bothering many people with regards to knowing what are the functions of ball tip scissors. People may also wonder what are the features of ball tip scissors? As you read this article, you will know what are the features of ball tip scissors and what are.. [Read More]

Rotary Cutter Supplies Set

I used to sew all the time.  When my youngest daughter was growing up I was always making something like a dress, pajamas,  hats etc… But then she got older and she wasn’t interested in wearing hand sewn clothes anymore and the sewing machine(s) went into storage – for years. Then along came COVID 19.. [Read More]

All Purpose Sewing Kit for Clothing Repairs “On The Go”

This is a sponsored post by Vellostar   Save an additional 50% on our Upgraded Sewing Kit. Discount applies at checkout. Valid through May 31, 2018. Click HERE to receive your discount Tired of cheaply made sewing kits & weak and flimsy threads? Then click on this offer and take control of your sewing necessities.. [Read More]

The Health Benefits of Quilting & Sewing

Just like its sewing counterpart, quilting can be a wonderful a hobby to delve into. From crafting a beautiful quilt you could use to warm your loved ones, to weaving a comfortable, yet alluring blanket you can lie on, quilting has had a proud history of bringing people together. While quilting is a bit archaic,.. [Read More]

Best Embroidery Machines

Intricate Patterns and Designing, No More a Hassle! Today’s advanced technology has simplified our life to every extent. Earlier the tasks taking a whole day can now be finished in few minutes. Similarly, the fashion industry also turns hassle free with easy and prompt designing of the fashion products. Now the most intricate or complex.. [Read More]