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The Science Behind Balloon Septoplasty: How It Corrects Deviated Septums

If you have a deviated septum, it can make it difficult to breathe through your nose. It can also prevent proper sinus drainage and lead to chronic sinus infections. The nasal septum, a slender bone and cartilage wall that divides your nostrils, can be straightened surgically through septoplasty. The procedure straightens the septum by trimming,.. [Read More]

Treating Sinusitis: Personal Tips & Professional Assistance

What Is Sinusitis? Sinusitis is a term that refers to a variety of different health conditions pertaining to the sinuses. Essentially, it’s an inflammation of your mucous membranes, and that can happen owing to the common cold, pneumonia, the flu, or even blowing your nose too hard. You can damage your sinus pockets in a.. [Read More]