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How Prospector Popcorn is Making a Difference for Individuals with Special Needs

Prospector Popcorn

Prospector Popcorn is a unique and delicious snack that has been a favorite of many for years. This mouthwatering popcorn is not your ordinary; it is made with a special recipe handed down from generation to generation. If you are a popcorn lover and have never tried Prospector Popcorn, you miss out on a delightful.. [Read More]

Vegan Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars With PBFit Spread

In September I switched to a vegan lifestyle for my health.  So far my family hasn’t been the least bit interested in following.  However, every now and then I can get them on board with something – which is better than nothing.  Today I made peanut butter and jam bars – as I found on.. [Read More]

Delicious and Fun Easter Chow Mix #Post #GeneralMills #Hersheys

Are you tired of the same ole same ole Easter candy?  I actually try not to give our kids Easter candy too much any more.  They are getting older and really aren’t as thrilled with your basic chocolate bunnies anymore.  They want something a bit more – MORE. This year I put together this awesome.. [Read More]

Easy Peasy Chocolate Chip Banana Cake

There was a time in my life where I couldn’t stand it when bananas would become too ripe.  We would just throw them away and consider that it was a waste of money.  It was so frustrating.  But then I realized all the awesome things I could make with ripe bananas and I have shared.. [Read More]

Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Balls – Wowza!

I totally LOVE being a mom.  Seriously, love.  When I was younger I wanted 10 kids at least.  I still love a houseful but it is just different – four generations instead of two.  It works – there aren’t always four, sometimes three but then again – sometimes four! I try to provide healthful snack.. [Read More]

Easter Snack Squares – Easy and Kids LOVE Them @RiceKrispies @MMS

I am always trying to whip up a quick snack for my kids.  We don’t have a great deal of store bought “treats” in our house.  I like to be able to control what they eat and avoid as many chemicals as possible.  That doesn’t mean we only eat healthy as evidenced by this post. .. [Read More]