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NEW Dino Bars – Healthy and Mess Free

NEW Dino Bars - Healthy and Mess Free

Do you have kids or grandkids? If you do, undoubtedly, one of your greatest struggles is finding a healthy snack for them that they will enjoy and you will feel good about. DINO BARS are healthy and mess-free snack bars wrapped in edible paper. All bars are non-GMO, USDA certified organic and free from nuts, gluten, soy, and.. [Read More]

Say I Love You With A Care Crate For Valentine’s Day @TheCareCrateCo

Everyone loves snacks!  The more the better.  But in our home we have been trying to eliminate baked goods and switching to more portable snacks that we all love. Care Crate Co.  has the answer to all your snacking needs.  I ordered the gluten free/vegan/dairy free snack crate. The snack packs are premium healthy snacks.. [Read More]

Happy Yummies Worlds Best Tasting Gourmet Gummies Super Bear Assortment #rwm #HappyGummies

Happy Yummies Worlds Best Tasting Gourmet Gummies Super Bear Assortment – The Best Tasting Gummies packed in an exclusive 14 oz bear package makes a great gift for someone special! Includes 14 flavors of gummy bears plus two extra special flavors. MSRP $9.50 Check out this awesome Big Bear package!  Sure to be a hit this holiday season. Available.. [Read More]

Welch’s Cherry Fruit ‘n Yogurt

I have been working very hard to find better snack options for our children.  We have taken no drastic measures – rather, as each week of grocery shopping comes up we simply steer them in a different direction and allow them to participate in the shopping decisions.  This has made a huge difference.  They are.. [Read More]

Fruity Pebble Treats – Always a Crowd Pleaser

We all grew up with Rice Krispie Treats – I make them alot for our kids.  Far better than the store bought, pre-made treats with a great many preservatives.  But sometimes we like to change it up. Sometimes we make it with Fruity Pebbles, Cheerios, Fruit Loops etc…  You can also make them with Cocoa.. [Read More]

Valentine’s Day for Pups!

Don’t you just love your animals?!  They devote their lives to us and our happiness and ask so little in return. Meet Xena Lee – she is a Landseer Newfoundland.  Some are more white than black but she is more black than white.  I love her black spots on her white.  She even has one.. [Read More]