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4 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Stylish Teen

4 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Stylish Teen

As trends shift at a lightning pace and social media stars influence younger generations that nobody over the legal drinking age has even heard of, shopping for teenagers has become even more difficult. The fussy demographic has its own definitions of “cool”; anything outside of that is unlikely to be appreciated. Have no fear we.. [Read More]

5 Effects Social Media Addiction Has On Teenagers

Social media addiction is a severe challenge for a huge portion of our teenage population these days. According to some social media addiction studies, more than one-third of all teens visit their favorite social media site or app multiple times every day. Experts believe that excessive use of social media can result in a range.. [Read More]

Teaching Teens About Finance – Made Simple With Golden State Partners

As a mom of five children from 14 – 32, I have had to teach about finance several times.  Each time is a bit different – as times change, so does financial lessons.  Years ago lessons were heavily focused on checkbooks and balancing them.  Nowadays there really is almost never a need to write a.. [Read More]

Maginon QC-5S RC Quadcopter Drone 1280P HD Camera 360° With Flip Ability

My kids have been asking for a drone for a long time and we finally found the perfect one!  This Maginon QC-5S RC Quadcopter Drone is just what they were asking for. Their drone needs to have a high definition camera because without photos it just wasn’t gonna cut it.  The camera is a 2MP camera.. [Read More]

How Do We Incorporate Snack Time Into Our Schedule? With Nabisco Multipacks #WalmartSnacks2Go #MC

This post was sponsored by Nabisco as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. To say our lives our busy and jam packed is an understatement.  Fortunately, we just had a change in circumstances that has freed up a little time each day but.. [Read More]

Back To School Physicals and Vaccinations #Unity4TeenVax #IC

  We have five children – the oldest is 30.  The youngest are in their teens and before heading to school this year they are getting their annual physicals.  These annual physicals mean eye exams, hearing tests, and teen vaccinations. For teens the following vaccinations are recommended: Meningococcal-includes two distinct meningococcal disease vaccines (ACWY and.. [Read More]

Rock the Locks – Natural Hair Care Products For Kids

  It is refreshing to notice how many natural product options are now available when it comes to personal care items and cosmetics. I think the increased diversity of product really reflects a growing demand among shoppers young and old; budding consumers and their parents want to feel like the products they use to cleanse.. [Read More]