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Best Teeth Whitening Kits

Best Teeth Whitening

Everyone hates people with yellow teeth because it changes who they are. Your teeth start to look yellow as time goes on. The main things that cause yellow teeth are drinking coffee or tea, smoking, not taking care of your teeth well, and getting older. You need to use the best teeth-whitening products to get.. [Read More]

How to Find the Right Dentistry Clinic

the Right Dentistry Clinic

It can be difficult to find the perfect dentist for your child, especially if you live in a more significant urban area. For instance, if you’re looking for an Albany pediatric dentistry clinic, remember that New York has over 14,400 registered dentists. However, it’s easy to find a dentist that fits your budget and lifestyle.. [Read More]

Things You Must Know about Cosmetic Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

Not everyone can be happy about the way their smile looks. In such an event, one can resort to cosmetic dentistry. According to recent statistics, the global market size of cosmetic dentistry was evaluated to be 23.02 billion dollars in 2018. The market value is expected to reach 43.06 billion dollars in 2026 owing to.. [Read More]

Causes of Tooth Pain and Why It is Best to Visit a Dentist Immediately

Causes of Tooth Pain and Why It is Best to Visit a Dentist Immediately

Authored by Athena Nagel Have you ever felt a strange pain in your tooth? Maybe it was sharp or constant. Perhaps the pain would come and go, but you just can’t seem to shake it no matter what you do. Despite taking care of your teeth, there are times when severe problems occur. Home remedies.. [Read More]

Sports and Braces

Sports and Braces

If your child needs braces and is active in sports, you may be wondering if they can safely participate. Both staying active and healthy while playing sports and having braces are important for children. There are many tips for participating in sports while wearing braces. This can be done safely as long as certain precautions.. [Read More]

5 Best Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Dog’s Teeth Cleaning Keeping a pet isn’t just a fondness; rather, it’s a full-time responsibility. You have to take care of the food and hygiene on a daily basis, along with spending some quality playing time with it. Dogs make great companions and pets, but they are susceptible to falling ill easily. For example, oral.. [Read More]

Pros and Cons of Invisalign Braces: Comprehensive Guide

Studies show that 1 in 5 young adults experience anxiety when socializing due to dental problems. One of the main dental issues faced by people is misaligned teeth. Anyone who feels insecure about their smile would have trouble interacting with others. This is where Invisalign could come to the rescue. It is a true life-saver.. [Read More]

4 Ways Dental Health Affects Overall Health

Maintaining good oral health can reduce your chance of tooth decay, improve the appearance of your smile and help prevent periodontal disease. However, oral health is not just important for the health of your teeth. These are four of the ways oral health affects overall health. 1. Problems in the Mouth May Indicate Problems Elsewhere.. [Read More]

MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit #MySmile

I don’t smoke or drink alcohol – don’t even drink coffee.  My vice is Diet Coke – only fountain soda, not from a can or bottle, YUCK!  But that diet soda has definitely had an effect on my teeth.  Technically I have now given it up since I switched to eating more healthy and vegan. .. [Read More]

Keeping Your Smile Great

One of the first things anyone sees is your smile.  Most of us want to keep that smile and our teeth as white as possible.  There are many ways to improve the chances of having white, gleaming teeth.  It all starts with good and proper oral hygiene.  Minimally these practices will minimize cavities, periodontal disease.. [Read More]