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5 Advanced Chemistry Concepts Every High School Student Must Know

Chemistry is a popular field of STEM specialization for students stepping into university. Thousands of high-school students opt for chemistry majors every year. The subject offers vital skills in research, critical thinking, analysis, collaborative problem-solving, and writing. It opens up opportunities in several career fields, such as medicine, life science research, forensics, and the pharmaceutical.. [Read More]

Which Online University is The Right Choice

Which Online University is The Right Choice

Choosing the right online university can be a difficult task. There are so many options to choose from, like the University of North Carolina Wilmington, which makes it difficult to decide which university best fits your needs. This blog will guide you through choosing an online university by considering eight key factors. By the end.. [Read More]

Paying for University – Resources to Consider

In Canada, like in other countries, education after high school can be expensive and many students come out with a large amount of unwanted debt when they graduate.  While scholarships, grants, and student loans are often the most common ways to off-set the financial burden of paying for post-secondary education, there are some alternative means.. [Read More]