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Giving Is Truly the Stuff of Success

Giving Is Truly the Stuff of Success

For many, life is guided by a pursuit toward wealth, knowledge, and happiness. While progress toward these goals can improve the human experience, the benefits only become truly satisfying when shared. Giving is more enduring than social status or material possessions. As author Joan Marques wisely observed: “The thrill of taking lasts a day. The.. [Read More]

What Is Physiotherapy and What Are Its Benefits?

Physiotherapy is a common practice that is highly beneficial for various health issues. It can help reduce pain and improve mobility without medications or surgery. Physiotherapy often includes a comprehensive exercise program to help with various problems. For example, people recovering from an injury may be given a physical therapy regimen involving specific exercises. Other.. [Read More]

How 2020 Changed Housing Affordability in Connecticut

We are now more than a year into the pandemic. Our lives have changed significantly throughout the last year and more. The pandemic impacted everyone in some way. The impacts could have been anything from catching the virus, inability to receive timely medical care, loss of jobs, and working remotely.  In many areas of impact,.. [Read More]