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Helpful Tips for Yacht Weddings

Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding, and having one on a yacht is definitely going to be unforgettable. However, you need to plan everything by looking at the big picture while planning a yacht wedding. Organize all your ideas and shop for more from professionals in an organized manner. Even though you are planning.. [Read More]

Important Tips For Planning Your Wedding Day

Depending on your personal situation, saying “yes!” to the love of your life may result in the desire to start planning immediately or the need to put planning on the backburner while addressing other things. Regardless of which category you fall into, here are important tips for planning your wedding day. Don’t Wait on the.. [Read More]

Welcome To Harry and Meghan’s Wedding Album #royalwedding #linlydesigns #weddingalbum #harryandmeghan #linlydifference

I am old enough that I was able to thoroughly enjoy the wedding and all the hooplah around Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding.  That event captivated the attention of the world.  It was unlike any event I had ever seen. Then the wedding of Prince William and Kate – yet another great ceremony with.. [Read More]

Official Harry & Meghan – The Wedding Album

LINLY DESIGNS is the ONLY Interior Design firm from the United States profiled in the Official Harry & Meghan – The Wedding Album published by St James’s House in association with Royal correspondent Robert Jobson. ROYAL RED CARPET EVENT – book reveal Thursday, July 12th 2018 6PM – 8PM Enjoying Live Music, Champagne & Hors.. [Read More]

40 Questions to Ask Your Destination Wedding Resort

Planning to have a destination wedding at an exotic destination with your one true love? Hotels and resorts across the best wedding destinations offer preset as well as customizable wedding plans along with a host of exclusive offers and inclusions, which are often linked to the number of guests you’ll bring. Planning your wedding becomes.. [Read More]

How to Start an Online Wedding Photographer’s Boutique

Your online presence is your 24/7 business card and could lend you a lot of gigs if you know how to appeal to the right clients. Also, you must be aware that defining a niche is the key to success and be prepared to invest in the best equipment and technical support. You can’t offer.. [Read More]