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Not Too Many Days Left – Such Sadness

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Just when is enough, enough.  Selfishly I just want to keep her forever.  But very soon I will need to let her go.  At just 4 years old it seems so unfair.  She is so beautiful; majestic; gentle; loving; caring; truly deserving of the title – Gentle Giant.  Yet her size has been her enemy.  First her knees, then her hips, and now cancer.  Her life has been hard – but she never complained and was never grumpy.


It started with sores (hotspots) three weeks ago.  Then an eye infection, then not eating and lethargic.  In that three weeks we have learned alot but don’t know much.  We have learned that her body is entirely failing her.  Every single piece of bloodwork has come back amiss.  We are assuming lymphoma and have an ultrasound tomorrow to try and figure out exactly what it is.  We may or may not have answers.  But it doesn’t matter – she is getting ready to say goodbye.



  • Nicole Smith

    I know there’s nothing I can say that can ease the hurt in your heart. All I can say is that I’m truly sorry you have to say goodbye to your gorgeous girl. My heart hurts for you. *hugs*

    • Athena

      Thank You Nicole. It is always hard and I am sure every time this happens I feel like it is worse than any time before but I am a bit overwhelmed with Chewy.

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