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finding balance

WHAT is the Finding Balance Program?  It is a step-by-step guide to get you out of the diet cycle (restrict, binge, guilt, etc) and in the balanced relationship with food that you deserve.

How will this program help you? This program is designed to transform your relationship with food. No more stressing, obsessing, negativity, body bashing, bingeing, counting or food anxiety! This is a flexible, access-only program – you get to move at your own speed!

WHAT does it include? The program is a private website (password access only) that comes with:
-2 Health Coaching Sessions
-Living Balanced Guide
-10 Videos & Worksheets
-100 Living Balanced Tips
-Sited Sources
**You have this site FOREVER, and any updates!**

How do you purchase? Click on “FINDING Balance” or the “purchase” button.


I am just beginning to check this program out and it is very exciting indeed.  I have recently been struggling with some stomach issues so I am hoping to get some of that to settle down while learning to find balance.  I will keep you posted!


What would you like to get out of the Finding Balance Program?  There are very few things in life that you can sign up for and have full rights to FOR LIFE!  Currently it is $97 to purchase this program and it is well worth every penny.  I definitely can’t get a gym membership or any type of coaching membership for life for a small one time fee.


Even if you aren’t up for a membership yet there are still opportunities to check it out by signing up for the free newsletter.  Or connecting on Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram / YouTube

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