Easy Weeknight Captain Crunch Baked Chicken

captain crunch chicken

Captain Crunch Baked Chicken


This is something my stepson made for us and now my kids love it so it is a dish that we turn to frequently.  It is really just three ingredients – Captain Crunch Cereal (without crunch berries), eggs, chicken tenderloins.  The recipe is so simple and will complement so many different meal plans.  It is a little messy to make which is not a problem for us – my kids love to make it and get all messy.


The first thing I do is blend up the Captain Crunch Cereal in a Magic Bullet, Nutri Bullet, Vitamix or whatever blender/food processor you have.  It should end up being like powder and pour into a rather flat dish – I use a pyrex dish I have.

Mix up some eggs in a bowl.

Take each piece of chicken and dip it in the egg, then dip it in the Captain Crunch and cover all sides.

Bake at 350 until done – and there you have it – Captain Crunch Baked Chicken


My family eats it just like that but for me I still add a bunch of pepper on mine.  Pepper makes everything better!

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