CableKeeps for iPad and iPhone Chargers – No More Tangles

Cable Keeps

CableKeeps for iPad and iPhone Chargers – No More Tangles


CableKeeps combine charger and cable into one neat and tidy package and add style and fun to an otherwise dull device.  Each CableKeep eliminates tangled cables in bags or purses – I have so many that are so tangled up – it is just easier to break down and buy a new one.  Because the CableKeeps are also able to hold the plug directly into the wall socket – there are no messy wires dangling all over the place.  The phone or iPad can sit directly on the CableKeep while charging.  There are different colors available which means my kids can no longer fight over just who’s charger is who’s!  That happens just about every day so I am thrilled to not have to deal with that battle any more.  Because it can act as a charging pedestal, your device will remain cleaner than if it is plopped on any available surface while charging.
My favorite features – color!  First of all I like color and these colors are great.  But additionally it does stop the bickering of my kids – because someone always misplaces their charger.  I also love how convenient they are – the cables are not getting caught on everything in my purse, pulling apart or anything.  Everything is all in one nice little package and easily portable.  We travel every weekend and bringing along our chargers is critical.  I get tired of arriving at our destination with all the cords in a tangled bundle.  Not anymore…


CableKeeps are available in  3 designs and 6 colors – Goldie for iPhone, Nibbles for iPad, and Gulp for iPad international.  Each sells for $13.
For non-Apple products there is a Goldie Plus product which combines a Goldie CableKeep with a 5W charger and optional Micro USB cable.  $29.99 with cable, $24.99 without.
CableKeeps are available at the NY MOMA gift store, The Container Store,,, and on their website:
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