October 13, 1990 – Our Wedding Day

Yesterday was our 24th anniversary.  I feel like we have been married forever – and not in a bad way.  It is almost like life didn’t exist until then.  We have made a life for ourselves with our family that I could never have imagined.  It is definitely a journey and I look forward to what the rest of the journey has to hold.


There we are – young as can be, ready to take on the challenges of our new lives.


My Aunt Jackie and Uncle Richard – Richard just recently passed away and he will be sorely missed.



Aunt Jackie’s family – yes the boys are grown young men now.


My mother, Donna and stepfather, George.


My brothers and their spouses, as well as my mother and stepfather


My brother and their spouses along with my grandmother – Gertrude, stepmother – Linda, and father – Richard (or Dick or John – depending on who you speak to).


My father, grandmother and I.


My grandmother and I.  I will forever be thankful that she was able to see me get married.  I am sure it was an amazing day for her.  And boy some things went wrong but she was right there to try to put it back on course and come up with a plan.  For example – you see that nice deck?  My father built it and stained it just so I could have wedding photos on the deck.  It rained and when the train was laid out for photos – the stain got all over the gown.  I hadn’t even been married yet!  So bustled up the train had some nice bright red stains on it.  I hate that gown to this day because of that – but I still got married.



My mother and Aunt Sandy and Aunt Jackie – the three sisters.


Some of my cousins and I – these are Aunt Sandy’s daughters – Eileen, Charleen and Elizabeth.


My maid of honor and best friend – Tammy Hanks – oh the mischief we used to manage.


My husband and I with my stepsons – Bob and Bill


And the boys again.  Since then there were three more children but these were the first.

And for our 24th anniversary – I got to take a nap!  Yeah that is always on the top of my list of things to do.  And flowers and a few other things.


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One thought on “October 13, 1990 – Our Wedding Day

  1. June S. says:

    (October 13, 1990 – Our Wedding Day) Wow! How time really flies by so fast anymore. My hubby and I have been married sixteen years now this past May. These years only get better thats for sure. (Congrats)

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