PicMonkey Is A Great Photo Editor

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PicMonkey Is A Great Photo Editor

I took a “selfie” tonight with a flash since I was in a dark room.  I was merely trying to take a photo of my newly dyed hair.  But then I thought – I love this photo if I could just clean it up.

A flash can be harsh and I was getting ready for bed so the photo was an untouched photo. Normally, I use a professional photo editing service.

This is the original:


Up front I will state that none of the enhancements were major – anything I did, I also faded out quite a bit.  I didn’t want anything overwhelming.

These are the steps to the final image:

I airbrushed my skin a little to just even everything out

Added some slight color to my lips – you can barely see it but I also wanted to even it out

Used wrinkle remover to smooth out some of the spots on my face – they are tiny but I still wanted them smooth

Added mascara

Brightened my eyes

Reduced some of the shine on my cheeks, nose and chin

Added some green to my eyes

Added a dusk feature

Added shadows

Reduced contrast

Reduced brightness

Added highlights



That may seem like a lot of steps but they are very quick and in some cases even under the same option.  The end result is this…

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And side by side so you can see just how different.


Now I know there are paid photo editing products out there that can do so much more but PicMonkey is free.  I do have the annual version that I pay for, which isn’t much.  But I love how quickly and easily I can turn nothing into something and it is so easy to use even my kids use it all the time.

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