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SkyBlaster by Aeromax Toys – An Awesome Outdoor Rocket Launcher

skyblaster rocket and launcher

SkyBlaster by Aeromax Toys – An Awesome Outdoor Rocket Launcher


The Skyblasters are excellent toys for Christmas.  My kids were so excited to jump in and play with these.  They have a slingshot type feel to them.  Even if acting like a slingshot was the only thing it did my kids would love it.  They keep asking for slingshots but we don’t live in an area where there is enough space for it.  Not to mention I really don’t want anyone to shoot an eye out just yet.

This toy is so much safer than whatever my kids would put into a slingshot.  You simply pull on the little tab at the back, aim, and let it fly.  But in the course of letting it fly, it whistles.  Everyone will turn their heads to see just what that whistling is…  It is not electronic; it does not need to be charged; it doesn’t take batteries – it is simply, genuine outdoor fun!  The Skyblaster can soar up to 120 feet.  I would say it can reach that easily…The first time I tried it, I wasn’t expecting the great results that I got so it went flying way beyond my wildest expectations.  We had to temper that excitement down just a bit to play with it in the yard.   We only have one, which isn’t a big deal because they each stake out opposite sections of the yard.  There is enough distance that no one will get hurt but not so much that the Skyblaster won’t reach the other person.  I will be purchasing more before the Christmas Holiday for some of the gift giving that we participate in.  Every adult and child will love these.

This toy is designed for children aged 8 and up and retails for just $7.95 and is available in red, blue and green.

Aeromax Toys continually earns industry awards and national media recognition.

You can check out their full line of toys at and connect with them on Facebook.  You can find them at specialty toy stores and at online toy stores like and

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