Battery Storage Center by Powerline – Properly Store Your Batteries

battery storage center by powerline

Battery Storage Center by Powerline – Properly Store Your Batteries

The PowerLine Battery Storage Center provides convenient storage for all your household batteries plus a whole lot more. The Storage Center can be easily mounted on a wall or placed out of sight in a desk or kitchen drawer. The Storage Center provides storage for the following batteries:

10 – AAA Batteries

20 – AA Batteries

6 – C Batteries

4 – D Batteries

5 – 9V Batteries


In addition to it’s storage capabilities, the Storage Center offers several convenience and security accessories.  There is a removeable battery tester for checking the condition of common battery types along with two storage drawers for hearing aid, watch and other small battery types.  A bright LED flashlight powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) clips into storage center.  A portable emergency USB charger runs from 4 AA batteries (not included) and charges mobile phones when no AC outlet is available and it also includes a micro-USB charging cable for use with most mobile phones.

Small straight and cross-blade screwdriver stores in battery center and can be used to open battery compartments on most battery powered devices.


This is an awesome product and I am glad to have it.  Of course I need ten of them because we always seem to have that many batteries lying around.  In all seriousness I am considering purchasing several more – and definitely one for the camper because in the camper I can never ever find the batteries and I know there are many there somewhere.  But the added bonus of a reliable flashlight and charging options is incredible.  After the year with the storms – Sandy, Irene, a tornado and more – we were often left without any source of power or any way to charge our phones.  I never want that to happen again.  It is a small price to pay for safety, security and reliability.

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