Chewbacca Says – My Scary Trip To The Vet

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Chewbacca Says – My Scary Trip To The Vet

I am so afraid of my trips to the vet.  There are other animals and it is so loud.  Some animals are crying in the back and I can’t see them – that is even harder to handle than the dogs and cats that share the waiting room – at least I can see them and there are no surprises.


Thankfully my mom takes the Magnum (which is like a ritzy station wagon) and she folds down the 2/3 seat. Seph sits in the 1/3 while I lie with my bum in the hatch and my chest on the folded down seat. Sephora keeps a doubled up fleece blanket on her lap because sometimes I get nervous and forget that I should grab her with my paw.  I get so scared though that I sometimes forget my manners.  Everybody is happy. Sephora talks right into my face to try and distract me from the travels and gives me lots of hugs and kisses during the trip.


When I show up at the vet the staff loves to see me so they all start screeching that “Chewbacca’s here!”  I love them so much and they help me alot but I get scared with all that screaming when I walk in the door.  I think I did something wrong.  But then they start giving me hugs and kisses too and I remember that I am safe here.


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