The Weekend in Concord New Hampshire

The Weekend in Concord New Hampshire

IMG_0873We arrived on Friday after many in the area were still recovering from several days without power.  In fact the hotel was sold out because many residents flocked to the local hotels to try and stay warm and comfortable until their power returned.  But it certainly is beautiful isn’t it?

Our stay at the Courtyard Marriott was a little surprising for the kids.  We have stayed at several hotels and always stick with inexpensive rooms but they have ranged from rooms with a loft with two bunk beds down to this.  It was a tiny tiny room with a king size bed and pull out couch.  More than enough for our needs but the kids were not happy with how small it was and how they didn’t have their own room.  But it did have a pool and hot tub – their dissatisfaction was quickly forgotten.




IMG_0872We weren’t staying in Concord for Concord – it was really because we were headed to Louden.  But we couldn’t resist the urge to see what was “downtown” on our way out of t0wn.  Of course the capitol building was there and since Sephora just went on a field trip to the capitol building in CT – we had to stop and take some photos.  It was closed so we could only check out the exterior but that was still cool.

You can read about Concord on Wikipedia HERE.





Sun Dial


Daniel Webster


Daniel Webster


The Capitol Steps


The Freedom Bell


The Arch


Franklin Pierce



In grateful tribute to the men and women of this city who served our country to preserve the freedoms of humanity


And before we leave Concord it was absolutely essential to climb a two story high mound of snow.

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2 thoughts on “The Weekend in Concord New Hampshire

  1. Penni says:

    Your lovely photos make me long to be back on the east coast (where I grew up) for the winter! The winters here in southern CA are too mild for parkas and snowboots – and, although there is rain, blue skies and sunshine are generally the norm – but I miss the snow! Watching the first snowfall of the season, each winter, was always a special thrill – and now, here in sunny CA, a treasured memory.

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