Mommy and Me Scarves – Matching Crocheted Short Scarves


mommy and me scarves

Mommy and Me Scarves – Matching Crocheted Short Scarves


Every year at this time I break out the crochet needles and minimally – I whip up some scarves.  Usually I also work on the season’s slippers etc… I don’t get to crochet much anymore though – I never seem to have the time.

Since we spent so many hours in the car over Thanksgiving break I decided to make my daughter and I a new set of scarves.  Now don’t get me wrong – we have crocheted scarves all around the house.  Something for everyone.

crocheted scarf 1

This time is different though because I learned to crochet when I was about four years old.  In the many years since I have forgotten so much, but always created projects by winging it.  I never quite remembered how to change colors etc… Those granny squares?  I just kinda make it happen.  In my Youtube search to find out how I am supposed to properly add new colors or add a new skein I found out that I have not done single crochet’s properly – probably ever.  It looked totally foreign to me.  What I did worked and was a really nice stitch but nope – not a real single crochet.  I thought that was quite humorous.  The slippers I make call for single crochet stitches.  I have made hundreds of slippers and never made one pair correctly.

We like our scarves to be short.  We don’t need them to wrap around our neck.  We just want them long enough to hang once around our neck and tuck into our coats or sweaters to keep our chest warm.

I used Lion’s Brand Wool yarn that was actually a strand of gray intertwined with a strand of white/gray (Hoya).  I crochet pretty quickly so I made these on one trip to New Hampshire.  Thank goodness since the very next morning was 6 degrees!

scarf model

These scarves are your basic chain then double crochets in the length that we wanted.  Seph’s is much wider than mine.  To finish it off I added a row of double crochet all the way around the entire scarf.

There you have it – matching short scarves.

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