Dalvia’s Liquid Vitamin D3 – The Answer to My Medical Dilemma

dalvia vitamin D3 Liquid Drops

Dalvia’s Liquid Vitamin D3 – The Answer to My Medical Dilemma

Dalvia Vitamin D-3 Liquid Drops is a product of Dalvia Wellness Labs, a US-based company known for offering high-end quality health and wellness products.  It offers health products to people from all over the globe for the purpose of helping others find the road to better health and overall well being.


Vitamin D-3 Liquid Drops from Dalvia is formulated to help control and regulates the minerals, calcium and phosphorus found in our body. Vitamin D-3 can help promote health bones so it plays an essential role in maintaining good bone structure largely by assisting the absorption of calcium.  It also boost mood swings and depression especially when you are living in a cold climate or your have a job where you don’t get much exposure to the sun.


My body does not store minerals (or process minerals) properly.  I have a condition called hyperparathyroidism.  That is very different from a thyroid condition.  We are born with (usually) 4 parathyroid glands and they work very hard primarily at regulating the levels of calcium in the body.  Now you wouldn’t think that would be a big deal but it is a huge deal.  I have one gland left and without the support of calcium and vitamin D3 – I have medical issues.  Sometimes it is simply breaking a bone for no reason, rupturing a tendon or something like that.  Other times it is utter exhaustion.  There are many other conditions that can result from this condition and it can be life threatening if ignored.

I love this Vitamin D3 because the liquid drops are quickly absorbed and stops some of the “low” side effects that I suffer from.  When I wake up in the middle of the night with muscle cramps – I simply take a little of this and they immediately disappear.  Before I would need to walk around for at least 15 minutes before experiencing any relief.  I can take as much calcium as I want but without significant amounts of Vitamin D3 – it is a waste because my body cannot store it.

liquid d3

And not only is D3 important for me because of my medical condition – it is important for anyone.  It is known as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D-3 also helps prevent cancer and infertility and plays a very important role in women pregnancy.  It also helps reduce stress, increase our energy and good for weight loss.  Vitamin D Liquid Drops by Dalvia Wellness Labs is an easy, reliable way for most people to get vitamin D – easy to take drops helps you to get the proper dose of vitamin D in your body.  With enough Vitamin D-3 in your body you can live a fuller and healthier life.
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