Chair Gym Total Body Workout – Perfect for Users of All Ages and The Ultimate in Portability

Chair Gym Total Workout - Perfect for Users of All Ages and The Ultimate in Portability

Chair Gym Total Body Workout

We have been looking for some convenient way to exercise for some time.  I know the world is full of excuses not to exercise but we have tried and can never make it happen AND desperately want to work out.

We have two special needs children at home that really cannot be left with a sitter unless it is an absolute emergency – they just can’t.  Every time we try we end up with yet another emergency.  So going to an actual gym is not a possibility.

Then we camp for six months per year on the weekend so it would be great if we could at least work out on the weekends – but the campground, even though it is a resort campground, does not have any type of workout facility.  And yes there are gyms in the area but that brings us back to problem number one…

When we do workout we also like to involve the kids so we try to do workouts that are age neutral.  Plus my in-laws live with us so we would like a workout that is great for three to four generations.  I know that is a lot to expect but that is our ideal…

And lastly – I have had many leg surgeries so anything high impact is no longer a possibility and my father in law has some medical struggles.  The workouts need to be able to be tiered based on abilities.

Along comes the Chair Gym, Total Body Workout…  This gym is the ultimate in portability and is quick to set up, folds up easily and can be stored out of the way.  It has three levels of resistance and over 50 different exercises.  Because the user is seated during the workout, there is balance and stability as you exercise your arms, chest, shoulders, abdomen, back and legs.

chair gym 2

The scissors of course are mine but the “machine” comes in two parts – the chair and the back.

chair gym 3

The back simply slides on once you open up the chair and then it gets screwed in place.

chair gym 4

The tension pullies, handles and foot pieces are all that is left and those are all just connected with carabiners.

chair gym 6

That is all their is to it – move the carabiners based on which exercises you are working on.

chair gym 5

Everything you need to get started…

chair gym 7

The foot platform – essential to maintain stability (and it can support up to 350 pounds)

chair gym 8

The pullies, carabiners and tension cables.

chair gym 9

And look how nicely it folds up – and it isn’t even too heavy for my 9 year old.  This will easily be portable back and forth during our camping season – or if we purchase a second one, it will easily fold up enough to stay out of the way in our limited camper space.

chair gym 10

And someone could not wait to try it.  Check out the shirt – totally her – “I feel sorry for people who don’t know me”.

chair gym 11

And the face making is strictly for effect.  She wants you all to think she is a female Arnold Schwarzenegger.

chair gym 12

The timing for receiving this Chair Gym is perfect – my New Year’s Resolution is just around the corner and my goal is to help myself and my family become healthier and happier.  The Chair Gym Total Body Workout will be an integral component of our changes.  None of us are looking to get bulging muscles, we are simply looking to make healthy changes.
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8 thoughts on “Chair Gym Total Body Workout – Perfect for Users of All Ages and The Ultimate in Portability

  1. Michele says:

    I wonder if this would be stable on carpeting? I have wall to wall-but it is flush to the ground. This is one exercise regime I think I might be able to handle. I am going to the site to check it out now.

  2. Dede says:

    This would be great for my husband to keep in his office. He really doesn’t have time to add a gym workout to his already-busy schedule, but maybe he could sit in the chair and burn off some steam.

    • Athena says:

      I actually thought of that too. We don’t have room in our office for any big bulky gym equipment but we do have a conference room that we could easily pull out these and do some sort of a workout.

  3. Rebecca Swenor says:

    First I must say I love her face doing it. lol I would probably to try this chair gym it looks interesting and fun at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Brigid OHara Koshko says:

    What a great idea! Portable but yet effective. Gym memberships are not something we can budget. This would be great for our family and for my 84 year old mother. Thanks.

  5. Jennie Susko says:

    Where can I get replacement tension cables for my chair gym, the cables that hook on each side of the chair gym, the tension cables on my chair are starting to wear thin and the cords are starting to show, which means they need to be replaced. I see Amazon does not carry the part I need for my chair gym.
    Thank you,
    Jennie Susko

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