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It’s A Boy/Girl Cigars From Famous Smoke Shop – Perfect for That Momentous Occasion

It's A BoyGirl Cigars From Famous Smoke Shop

It’s A Boy/Girl Cigars From Famous Smoke Shop  – Perfect for That Momentous Occasion

Whether you smoke cigars or not – there is something completely traditional about giving out It’s a Boy or It’s a Girl cigars to your friends.  I fondly remember my father giving them out when my youngest brother was born.  There was such a sense of bonding among friends over the simple act of giving out these cigars.  I have seen them given out over the years for friends and family and it is as traditional as baby showers.  It seems the message of becoming a dad (could be mom by in my experience it was always the dads) was always conveyed with the smell of cigars.  In fact if I were to match a memory with the smell of cigars it would be my father outside by the old Pontiac with a bunch of buddies just enjoying the grand news…

Its a girl cigars

These particular cigars are from Famous Smoke Shop and are Alec Bradley cigars – mild flavored and can be purchased in boxes of 20 or as single cigars.  They do also carry other brands of cigars for this purpose as well as so many other fantastic cigars.

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