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Stop The Presses! Horizon Has New Products For Your Family


Horizon Dairy became the first company to supply organic milk nationwide 20 years ago.  They now bring healthy options to families and with far more than just milk.  They also are environmentally conscious and participate in:

The Carton Council – Carton recycling

Just Label It – Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods

Organic Farming Research Foundation – Adoption of organic farming systems

The Organic Center – Organic farming communication

Growing Gardens – Environmentally stable gardening programs

Community Food Share – Donations and volunteering




We have been drinking Horizon Organic milk for a long time.  They are products I trust for my family.  I have two special needs children at home and I am always thankful when I am able to make sure the best products are in their diet and we can avoid preservatives and genetically modified products as much as possible.


And now Horizon has so many great new products that will become available to you TOMORROW!

Gluten-Free Macaroni and Cheese

Mixed Berry Super Squeeze (Milk and Real Fruit)

Orange Super Squeeze (Milk and Real Fruit)

Strawberry Super Squeeze (Milk and Real Fruit)

Apple Clusters Cinnamon Crunch

Fruit Crunchers Apple

Organic Fruit Snacks – Berry Medly or Strawberry

Macaroni and Mild Cheddar Cheese


My kids would love absolutely everything that is being newly released and the macaroni and cheese options the most for sure!


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